Kirby of Concord Describes What Makes Kirby Vacuums so Popular?

Jim Kirby was an inventor who had over 200 patents as he pursued his goal to reduce drudgery in life. He developed the first Kirby vacuum cleaning system in 1906. This system used water to separate the dirt from floors. Unsatisfied with the dirt separation process, in 1907 he developed a vacuuming system that used air to filter out the dirt that was pushed into a cloth bag. Mr. Kirby worked on the design to perfect it, and began to produce the vacuum cleaners commercially after World War I. The Kirby Vacuette Electric vacuum was introduced in 1925 with a removable floor nozzle, and that model became the standard for vacuum cleaners that have multiple attachments. The Kirby vacuum cleaner and home care system was born.

Kirby Vacuum Sales

One of the reasons Kirby vacuum cleaners became so popular, other than superior design, is due to Kirby sales staff performing in-home demonstrations of the vacuums. The Kirby Company began selling their vacuums through its direct-sales approach in the 1920s. This became a sales approach associated with Kirby, because they believed that if people actually saw the vacuum cleaners in their home, they would be convinced of their superior performance. This increased the sales and popularity of the vacuums and led to independent Kirby distributors starting their own businesses. Kirby is now sold in more than 70 countries and millions of people swear by the performance of the Kirby home care system.

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby of Concord - Kirby VacuumsKirby produces several types of vacuum cleaning systems such as the Kirby Generation 3, 4 and 5, the Kirby Ultimate G, Diamond edition, and the newest Sentria model. Kirby vacuums are not inexpensive. They cost more than many floor cleaning systems, but they have a lifetime warranty that can even be passed to heirs. Kirby has a general warranty, depending on the model purchased, but also has a lifetime rebuild warranty for the vacuums.

Kirby also sells replacement parts, vacuum bags and hoses, as well as other home care cleaning products. Their sales success can be attributed to the service, performance of the vacuums and the reliability of purchasing Kirby products. The Kirby technology includes HEPA filters that prevent dust from blowing back into the room and is one of the reasons the vacuums are so popular.

Aside from being one of the best vacuum cleaners a person can buy, the Kirby vacuums have luxury models that come with attachments that can shampoo carpets and buff hardwood floors, along with nozzles and brushes that can clean just about any surface in the home.